Risk of Relieving Anxiety by Using Alcohol


Alcohol often helps to unwind during a stressful situation, but not everyone understands that it can be an unhealthy way to get out of anxiety and depression. In certain cases, people who face problems like panic disorder and anxiety build an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

Alcohol consumption can decrease inhibition in a person and produce a sense of euphoria. Because of these effects, people assume that the consumption of alcohol relieves anxiety.

But having a long relationship with alcohol can build anxiety or the symptoms of anxiety disorder even gets worse than before. High alcohol usage later on leads to dependence or tolerance and damages the body physically on organs like the liver, brain and heart.

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At some point, people use alcohol to cope with feelings of anxiety and fear, and there are multiple theories that will explain to you why it all happens. Some of them are here:

  • Tension reduction Hypothesis: According to this alcohol is used as a self-medication to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Genetics: Genetics can be a reason behind the person’s alcohol consumption and anxiety level. According to biological theories the brain mechanism could be responsible for drinking and anxiety.
  • For some the consumption of alcohol is based on the anxiety they want to get rid of.

A person facing a problem with anxiety is more capable of having an alcohol disorder at any stage of life compared to those that never had anxiety issues. Consumption of alcohol can be a short-term solution to problems.

Those with panic disorder or generalized anxiety are more prone to develop an unhealthy drinking pattern when they are anxious.

If you are facing these problems, it is best to treat yourself and move towards a better future for yourself.

Hudson Julian

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